Artist2Watch: KingSpillsBK

Just when I was about to give up on #HipHop.

(Cues, I used to love her by Common)

I was introduced to this young, talented #Bajan, songwriter, ghostwriter and phenomenal  lyricist by the name of #Mr.Spills.

It's no coincidence that #MrSpills was raised in the same borough,#Brooklyn of two of the greatest  MC's: Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls and Sean Price.

Mr. Spills is truly what the game is missing right now.

I was able to catch up with Mr. Spills recently to discuss his mixtape, Spilly Da Truth available for download on #datpiff. 

You can also listen via soundcloud.

The title of his mixtape perfectly describes this MC-Spilly Da Truth.

The mixtape is raw but  full of substance.

With that being said, lets get into some of the Q&A . 

Avery(PTD): When did you realize you had a gift?

King SpillsBK: I realized  in elementary school - My music teacher used to get mad at me for goofing around in class. I ended up being the best xylophone player and one of the stand out singers in the Glee Club. She advised me not to play with my talent because I had a special gift. 

Avery(PTD): Philosopher, Storyteller, Expert, Coach (Type of MC)

King Spills:  I'm a Coach- I feel like I'm teaching.  I don't switch up my style because of what's hot. For example, people used to hate wearing fitted t-shirts and regular fitting jeans until  someone taught them how to rock the look.  It's what you teach people- I can coach or play. But when I coach -I can draw up plays and assist. When I play-I'm at my best. I can showcase my talent amongst the best on my team and the opposing team. All the while still teaching while I play.

I'm going to be honest, we disagreed on this last answer..LOL

I consider Mr. Spills-a philosopher.

I say a philosopher because if you listen to his mixtape and previous music he deeply versed in his craft. His story telling capabilities not only shows he has knowledge but a love for wisdom. As you know a philosopher is  someone who is calm especially in trying situations.  The industry can brutal but yet Mr. Spills remains humble and continues to push to make his dream a reality. 

Philosopher is all over and within his mixtape....As well as his coaching skills..

#MrSpills bars are abstract yet insightful. The rap narration on "Stronger" FT Kash Kow Kai describes his determination despite the criticism.(He truly is: Putting in Work) Then there is my favorite, "Voices" FT: T.W.O from the beat to the lyrical content, its truly a  classic banger.  Of course, he didn't forget the ladies: Act Right, I Wanna Do, Nightmares(IMO, is a ladies tune) and 12 Hands shows his softer side.

Avery(PTD): When is the  new music dropping?

KingSpills: Halloween, Oct. 31st. It will be packaged and ready to go. This music will be dark. It seemed fitting to release on Halloween

Avery (PTD): Who would you like  to collab with outside of #Rihanna?

KingSpills: Black Thought.

Back in 2012, I saw him rhyming for the #BigDaddyKane Tribute on BET. He was just so ill. He killed that tribute.

Avery (PTD): Will there ever come a point, where you will give up on pursuing #HIPHOP?

KingSpills: I am #HipHop. I will never give up, unless I open a soup kitchen (lol).


Mr.Spills blowing is inevitable.

Lyrically right now he can go bar for bar with anyone in the game.

His #Freestyle flow...Words can't describe it.

When the beat drops.....He just flows so eloquently.

His passion and determination is unstoppable.

2016 is the year for#TeamSpills.

#BK breeds some of the finest MCs..

I've personally have crowned him one of #BKFinest!

Get familiar!


Check out his new video below: Grind-Spills ft Xavier

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Keep Pushing, King.....

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