How LAX Airport Are Trying to Make The Paparazzi Better People!

Well, I guess your wondering what in the hell is she talking about...

LAX Airport is really trying to help the #paparazzi be better people..


LAX International airport just won approval to build a special terminal for


The special terminal will allow celebrities, athletes and just folks with some "real" coins to go directly from their  car to their private jets without having to interact with the paps or just us  folks at the airport.

I guess your wondering the cost of this expenditure....

It's about $1,500-$1,800 per trip to use the new terminal.

It will include exclusive lounges, catering, security and border check points.

When it's time to board, guests will be driven directly to their plane.

Less walking equals less photos....

What are the #paparazzi going to do?

Get a job working in the new terminal!


LAX not slick tho-

Let's do the math....

The revenue they will bring in from this "new" private terminal.

Will be in the millions.

They will have a 10 year lease...

**Forget coins, they will have crispy bills**


Ya'll know they are going to do this at New York's JFK and possibly San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Dallas...

Do you think this will hurt celebs fan base?

You know we love our pictures of celebs especially at 



Let's talk about....


Source: The Guardian