American Idol Star-Toderick Hall SLAYS Beyonce Covers.

I sure everyone has to remember, Todrick Hall from the ninth season of American Idol, which he made it to the semi-finals. 

Since appearing on American Idol, Todrick has taken YouTube by storm with various covers.

His following is large to say the least at this time its at  1,381,553.  Not to mention he has a docuseries starting on MTV this year called: "Todrick" produced by his management :Scooter Braun.

This Beyonce cover he has done..HONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY...Mr. Hall is nothing but a man full of talent. He covers 5 of Beyonce albums in 4 minutes. Take a look below and let me know what you think?

I love it and We love you, Todrick Hall.

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