No, Donald Trump: YOU ARE FIRED!!

Before I even go on my tangit of speaking about this #DonaldTrump situation.

Let me say this; He's always been a racist if you ask me.

So the real question is: NBC, WHY are you FIRING HIM NOW?

Now can carry on about  what Mr. Republican President candidate said and I quote:

He wants to build a wall along the border of Mexico to keep criminals and rapist from sneaking in into the United States.
— Donald Trump

 So, Mexicans are rapists and murderers now?

That's kind of funny coming from him. My history books advised me that's EVERYTHING  his "PEOPLE" have been doing since the early 1500's.

Yeah, that's a long time to be robbing and stealing from folks.

With those comments Univision/NBC has  decided it was time to end the relationship and would no longer air the Beauty pageants on NBC.  What pageants do you ask: The Miss Universe Organization. (Some folks aren't aware that this dumb billionaire is part owner of world beauty pageants).

Of course, this loser response is:  He won't be silenced. NBC is breaking a contract due to pressure from the Mexican Government. In other words, he's  going to SUE THEM!

 Blah, Blah, Blah..

To think-this fool could be our #President.


FYI: At this time, there is no word on what network will air the MISS USA Pageant on July 12.

Doesn’t matter who you are!! PEOPLE are gonna TALK!!