Denver Nuggets' Ty Lawson REQUIRED to enter Alcohol Treatment

Ty Lawson was arrested on Tuesday in LA on the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Lawson was released from the LA County jail after posting $5k bail.

If you recall just back in January, Lawson was arrest for the same allegation in Denver. The condition of his bond from his January arrest were no consumption of alcohol.

Now lets fast forward to Friday, the point guard attended a pre-trial hearing in Denver. His lawyers said he would enter a treatment today (Saturday) at Cliffside Malibu rehabilitation center.  If I'm correct- Lawson won't face DUI charges in either state (Cali or Colorado) until he completed his 30 days treatment.

The GM of the Denver Nuggets made the following statement:

Ty is going through a rough time right now, but we’re all behind him” He’s really a good person. He’s a Nugget so when one of our guys goes through issues, we support him as family and everyone stands behind him.
— Tim Connelly, Denver Nuggets GM

It was clearly stated in his bond agreement back in January arrest for Lawson to to drink any alcohol or violate any laws. After Friday court appearance a Denver Judge ordered Lawson to use a blood-alcohol device after his release from treatment. 

We wish Lawson luck on this court appearance  on Aug. 20.

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We are praying for him!!