Miguel- "Crazy Enough" Documentary

 In 2008, Yours Truly filmed a short documentary on the adorned, Miguel. Who at the time was struggling with a bad music contract. He also discussed his personal life: growing up in San Pedro, CA, visiting his childhood home and the effects of his parents divorce. The video was shelved and never released until now.

I love how the directors; Babak Khoshnoud and Will Abramson were able to intertwine the past with present day footage. In Miguel's opening statement he says:

Growing up in L.A. I think prepares you in an interesting way, because you start to learn about hope and desperation really early. You’re kinda acclimated to the possibilities of not making it, because you’ve seen so many people around you who didn’t.
— Miguel, Crazy Enough Documentary

This video shows not only his growth but his perseverance to stay true to himself. This video is  an inspiration to all to keep pushing to make their DREAMS COME TRUE.

With hard work and dedication-THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!! 

Miguel album, Wildheart is in stores now.

Make sure you pick it up.