#PodcastQueens Tuesday: Are You Still Textin' B*tches?


On this week's episode of The PodcastQueens we discussed:
*Cuffin' Season 2016
*Fabolous Stagnant Rap Career
*Summer 16 Lessons
*Allen Iverson Induction into Hall Of Fame
*Chris Brown Run-Ins
*September 11
Fckboi, #Future
*Derick Rose Rape Case
*50Cent Countdown
*The Night Of
*Michael K. Williams
*No Showing of #POWER
*The Podcast Link Up

The Ladies Room Topic: Are Male IG/FB Relationship Experts taking advantage of single women on the Internet? 

Intro #Music: #Fabolous-Cuffin Season
#Rob&Chyna #E Network Clip: #Blacchyna: Are You Still Textin' B*tches?

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