Does Gilbert Arenas Deserve An Apology Award?

Ques, #KendrickLamar

Hol'Up  b*tch

Hol'Up Lil' Bitch, Be Humble

Hol' Up Lil Bitch, Sit down...

#GilbertArenas has gone on another rant.

Nah, it's not about his ex-wife...

No, it's not about #childsupport

It's #DarkSkin women this time.

Source: IG: Gilbert Arenas

Source: IG: Gilbert Arenas

Now you see what upsets me is...He has a dark skin daughter.

After receiving so much backlash he issued his best apology.

Source: IG: Gilbert Arenas

He claims he read the caption wrong.

Are we giving him an apology award?

Let me know....


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