Catch me, If you can: #PTDontheMOVE

Good Morning, Good Morning...

My lovely people.

Summer is my #CatchmeIfYouCan season.

I've been asked more than a few times.

Where you at this week?

I've decided, I would give you advance notice of my plans.

**Flyers listed below of all events except for #CleverintheCity**

(I haven't seen her post it yet)


Now listen...

If you see me out n about.

Say Wat up...

If you a weirdo.

Keep it MOVING!!

If you would like for me to attend one of your events hit me up.


Until next time,



IG: @marct321 Tix:

IG: @marct321 Tix:

Twitter: @dinner_land RSVP:

Twitter: @dinner_land RSVP: