Music Review: Bryson Tiller True to Self


I've been waiting since 2015 for this #BrysonTiller album, True-to-Self.

I promised myself that I wouldn't compare this album to #TrapSoul.

Guess what I did ?

You know it, I was comparing everything.

I'm not even going to wrap you up with a bunch of lies.

First, listen I was like I waited for this  uptempo bullshit.

Second, listen I was like ok this is chapter two of #TrapSoul.

You know how that goes breakup and makeup and BREAKUP AGAIN-FOREVA..

The telling sign of the same heartbreak was the voice recordings of the same girl on "Rain(Interlude)" and #Trapsoul's "Overtime.

(see how comparing helped me out)

By the third listen, I was sold.

Teach Me A Lesson had me rocking in the office.

#Tiller used samples from# SWV, #Brandy, Faith Evans, Ice Cube, Mary J Blige and even #Tweet.

Come on now the credits on this album was lit.

So with all that being said, it's worth the purchase.

Support the brother!

Let me know what you think?

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TrailerTeaser: Netflix Renewed '13 Reasons Why'

I know, I know..

Your wondering why, right?

Why are they messing up this good series?

Let me tell you what I think...

I think Netflix received some backlash for not promoting more Mental Health awareness and Suicide Prevention with this series.

Come on, shorty killed herself and left audio tapes for everyone that hurt or upset her.





We don't want anyone to get any ideas.

To make up for it, they will explore Hannah's parents.

You gotta remember we didn't see their side.

Homegirl didn't leave them any audio.

Check out the season 2 trailer below

With all that being said..

Will you watch season 2?

You have time to catch up, it won't be released until next year.

Season 1 located here: Netflix

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Reasonable Doubt: MadeWorn x JayZ's Roc96 Capsule Collection

Jay-Z Roc96 has collaborated with MadeWorn to debut the capsule collection, Reasonable Doubt.

I can't knock Mr. Carter's hustle with the exclusivity of this collection only being available at Barneys.

I'm going, to be honest, as much as I supported Reasonable Doubt and think it should have gone triple platinum.

My dead presidents won't be paying these prices.

Ok, Ok, T-Shirts are too expensive.

I love a great jacket.


Politics as usual or Can he live?

What are your thoughts

Are you going to cop or pass?

Leave me your comments/thoughts below....

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Does Gilbert Arenas Deserve An Apology Award?

Ques, #KendrickLamar

Hol'Up  b*tch

Hol'Up Lil' Bitch, Be Humble

Hol' Up Lil Bitch, Sit down...

#GilbertArenas has gone on another rant.

Nah, it's not about his ex-wife...

No, it's not about #childsupport

It's #DarkSkin women this time.

Source: IG: Gilbert Arenas

Source: IG: Gilbert Arenas

Now you see what upsets me is...He has a dark skin daughter.

After receiving so much backlash he issued his best apology.

Source: IG: Gilbert Arenas

He claims he read the caption wrong.

Are we giving him an apology award?

Let me know....


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