#PodcastQueens Tuesday: Grey Sweat Pants


On this week's episode of #ThePodcastQueens 09.28.16-We discussed:
*LongLive ShawtyLo
*TeacherBae out here Thottin'
*Joel Olsteen
*Amber Rose-SlutWalk 2016
*Avery Horrible Cuffin' Season Shenanigans
*Killer Clowns
* Avery Message to Power Writers

Ladies/Gent Topic: #Charlotte #KeithLamontScott #JustinCarter

Intro Song: They Know By: ShawtyLo

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The PodcastQueens

#PodcastQueensTuesday-Go Fund My Edges


On this week episode of #ThePodcastQueens we discussed: 
*Stateside Non-Edge having Critics
*Malia Obama stressful 8 years
*GoFundMe Wedding
*EmilyB Daydreaming about her wedding day
*CamNewton ignorance
*RayRice-Should he play again?
*LHHHollywood Sour Puss

Ladies Room Topic: Why do men/wmn  always say somebody dick small or puss big as the Atlantic Ocean when feelings get hurt?

Music: Nas Album Done

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#KorrynGaines Took A Stand! Would you?


This week episode of #ThePodcastQueensTuesday we discussed our beloved, #KorrynGaines. Sister Gaines lived and died for what she believed in-Would you? 

We jumped right into Avery apartment hunt and realizing the urban gentrification being the new trend in NJ. Oh yeah, we can't forget #Blacklives matter asking for slavery reparations.

Last but not least #RichHomieQuan baby girl, #Khosen and his new man weave...#hookedonphonics

If you could please donate to #KorrynGaines #goFundme

EmpressNic book mention was Powernomics
By: Dr. Claud Anderson

Love ya always