Drake, HotlineBling: My Favorite Covers

When #Drake dropped this single back in July. I was instantly in love...

Crazy enough, it quickly climbed to number three on the #Billboard Charts Top 100.

Most people don't be realize this is a sample from Timmy Thomas- Why Can't We Live Together.

Listen closely..........You hear those drums.....

I've heard so many renditions of this cover but I swear these two are my favorite. 

Let's start with my overall favorite woman...Erykah Badu killed this cover.

What's crazy about it-I would have never thought she would do a cover for this.  She truly kept it,Badu. She brought that dope feel to it-keyboards, seventies feel and a "On and On" vibe to it. She even had a clip of her ex factor, #Andree3000 #fovereva eva.

The Funniest part is #Erykah breaking down how to leave a her a message.

You've reached the Erykah Badu hotline...."If you are calling to beg for some shit, Press 4. If this is the pre-call to beg for some shit, Press 5."

You know #Badu is going to always keep it funky....

Mila J has a pretty good cover. I really like this one for the sexiness.

Her voice just makes it seductive.

The Hotline Bling sexy cover...


What you think? 

You have some favorites? Do share.