OMG, Another One- Letoya Luckett Divorces....

Can I just get a happily ever after?

What in the hell is going on?

First, #MaryJBlige

Then, #ToyaWright

and now, #LetoyaLuckett....

According to our good ole faithful, #TMZ .

It's reported that #LetoyaLuckett and #RobHIll who married in January, 2016.

Divorced, two months later.

What in the shit!!

We all know #RobHill is known for his amazing relationship advice.

We won't get any good juice from either party because they have a special  "Clause" in the divorce.

No social media postings or public statements or videos, recording about each other to media outlets or blogs.

Smart move...

Damn son....

I thought love conquers all.

Best of luck to both of them.