Lies and More Damn Lies About Safaree vs MeekMill

Man, listen.

Ok, Ok, that's a horrible intro for this story.

You have probably heard the news and even seen the video of #Safaree (#NickiMinaj, ExFactor) and #MeekMill (#NickiMinaj, ExFactor as well) Goons chasing him up the block.

As you can see, I'm skipping all the pointless information because I want to jump right into this alleged jumping situation.

Check out the video below

Now as you can see #Safaree was dappin' someone up and having small talk.

#MeekMill hops out the truck like this man owed him some money.

No words exchanged-No fists were thrown.

Safaree just set eyes on #MeekMill


Who immediately put his #TracknField skills to work without hesitation. 

One of Safaree's friends/goons was caught in the dusk and punched in the gut.

I hope is ok.

Here is my whole issue with this "I got jumped situation".

Why did #Safaree run?

I'm sure you are probably saying,

 "Girl, You would run as well".

I know, I know they have been beefing for over a year now.

Both parties have been talking mad sh*t about each other.

I get it.

But this looks bad for both parties.

Here me out...

How are they still beefin' when #NickMinaj dumped both of them?

How did Safaree get jumped and he was all the way up the block?

This man had on all white and was clean as a whistle.

Did you see the video he did afterwards?

“Meek, you are the biggest p***y on this planet. You saw me, you ain’t do s**t, you had your n***as jump me. One-on-one you can’t f**k with me, so that’s why you had to do that. N***as caught me from the back, n***as caught me from the side, all that… The way you move, you move like a b**ch, you act like you the hardest n***a on this planet, you are not hard my n***a.”
— Safaree from the RollsRoyce

Face, clothes, and jewelry were still intact.

Is this the new "jumpin" for 2017?

What are your thoughts?

Will #MeekMill get in trouble with his parole officer for this?

Onika better get her ex-factors together.

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Why #shETHER Nicki Minaj?


Some folks are really asking Why #shEther her?

I'm confused why some of ya'll are confused.

The rest of us know why and happy the sh*t is FINALLY going down.


Let's just get right into it. 

Everybody knows #NickiMinaj has been subliminally coming for #Remy for a minute.

Since Remy release, she's taken the high road.

Example A

Source: YouTube: WrapUP

Y'all heard Remy right?

Everything was peace.....

I don't know what #NickiMinaj was thinking jumping on that #GucciMane track #MAKELOVE talking wreckless.

I know #guccimane asked her ARE you sure this is the verse?

We got time for edits.

Now this is where I truly get confused.

I guess, Nicki was upset that Remy referenced herself as the "Queen of Rap".

So she compares her skills to a Nokia Phone.

Let me just quote shorty correctly cause Y'all know I'm good for making up some stuff.


Bitch I’m the greatest, no Kendrick and no Sia / I’m the iPhone, you the Nokia / Everybody know you jealous, bitch it’s so clear / Tell them bum ass bitches to play their role.

You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap / You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques.
— NickiMinaj verse on Make Love-Gucci Mane

Nicki also claimed she's rap royalty because of the numbers and awards she's received.

Listen, I will take $500k independently vs $70million under contract.

Artist get sh*t all the way fcked up. 

Y'all better go watch that #NewEdition movie and get hip to the game real quick.

giphy (3).gif

I guess the word got back to Remy.

Remy probably said, "I was minding my own business".

"I'm getting my #LHHNY money, getting nominations and doing the family thing."

Why she fucking wit me?


Now we got...#ShEther...

Are you #TeamStNic or #TeamRemy?

S/N: I personally think #NickiMinaj came for #Remy cause she really don't have much else going on at the moment. Think about it since she broke up with #Meek-shit been kinda different. #RemyMa has been grinding since coming home. She's a serious threat...

Point blank period...#Nicki has fcked up....

Say it with me....

I'm personally sending out an SOS for Omeeka

Drake, GET THE Ghostwriter. 

Leave your comments below..

I want to hear your thoughts on this....

Until next time,

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Want The Real Truth? #KanyeRant Tells It All

It appears that #KanyeWest went on one of his informative rants last night in #Seattle, WA.

The #SaintPablo Tour is  in full Fall Swing.

Let's get into the juicy stuff..

We all know that #JayZ doesn't really agree with a lot of #KanyeWest shenanigans. 

It appears Kanye is a bit upset about how the #Drake, #PopStyle features went down.

Now if you recall, #Jay and #Kanye we both on it at first.

Well, let's be clear Jay only had two bars...LOL

#Kanye did his thing..

As quick as we heard it, It disappeared.

#Drake took everyone off.

At the time...Nobody really knew why..

Drake gave the good speech he respects Hov and etc..


#Kanye explains what it really was at his show last night

Listen Closely..

Did you catch all that? 

Read Below

“And we sent it back to him and he’s like ‘Oh shit The Throne is on this shit,’

Kanye says included above and below.

“Then Jay thought about it and out of respect for Meek Mill he didn’t want to be on the track.

Then I said, ‘Look, I’ll call Drake, I’ll call Meek, I’ll call y’all, we gotta squash this shit, we gotta let people have this song.’

But then it went into some political shit about percentages on songs.

I can’t take this shit, bro.

— Kanye West-SaintPabloTour

You know Yezzy wasn't done..

He went into the bomb dropper....


You move forward to 0:45 to hear it the exact comment.


“Our Kids Haven’t Even Played Together”.

Drop The track...
— KanyeWest-SaintPabloTour Seattle Washington

Somebody is SALTY....

There you have it.

#KanyeWest Rants Tells It ALL!!

You think he is wrong for this?

Why haven't the girls had a play date?


Side note: At least somebody out here showing respect for  #MeekMills...


Until next time....

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Rihanna & Taylor Swift $10 Beef

It was all good in the hood until #TaylorSwift didn't have RiRi money.

Take a look below:


Yeah, you thought they were beefin' right?

Nah, the two of them are cool.

See what happen was: #Rihanna spotted #TaylorSwift $10 for Chipotle and Starbucks at the #Grammys.

. RiRi came to collect on the debt.

Taylor wallet was empty lint balls and sh*t.

She used all her money on/for the #BadBlood video.

Cool, right? NOPE

Next thing you know she was in the suitcase.(lol)

Rihanna tortured her a bit and kicked her off a yacht..

B*tch better always have #Rihanna money!!

This cartoon parody is #Rihanna approved.

This is the funniest and most creative thing,I have seen in a awhile.

I love it.

Shout to the makers over at #PoptoonStu and #ChibiToons

Make sure you follow them on Insta and #YouTube...They have a tons of videos online..

Doesn’t matter who you are!! PEOPLE are gonna TALK.