#KorrynGaines Took A Stand! Would you?


This week episode of #ThePodcastQueensTuesday we discussed our beloved, #KorrynGaines. Sister Gaines lived and died for what she believed in-Would you? 

We jumped right into Avery apartment hunt and realizing the urban gentrification being the new trend in NJ. Oh yeah, we can't forget #Blacklives matter asking for slavery reparations.

Last but not least #RichHomieQuan baby girl, #Khosen and his new man weave...#hookedonphonics

If you could please donate to #KorrynGaines #goFundme

EmpressNic book mention was Powernomics
By: Dr. Claud Anderson

Love ya always

"23 Ways You Could be Killed, If You Are Black in America"

This is the best collaboration, I have seen in a long time.

Shout to #AliciaKeys and all the celebs such as #Beyonce, #Rihanna, #ChrisRock, #ASAPRocky,  #Bono and others trying to keep the name alive of all the brother and sisters who lost their life just by #BeingBlackinAmerica.

Enough is Enough!!!!


We will not remain silent any longer.


I would also like to thank, Mic  and  We Are Here Movement.

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