Want The Real Truth? #KanyeRant Tells It All

It appears that #KanyeWest went on one of his informative rants last night in #Seattle, WA.

The #SaintPablo Tour is  in full Fall Swing.

Let's get into the juicy stuff..

We all know that #JayZ doesn't really agree with a lot of #KanyeWest shenanigans. 

It appears Kanye is a bit upset about how the #Drake, #PopStyle features went down.

Now if you recall, #Jay and #Kanye we both on it at first.

Well, let's be clear Jay only had two bars...LOL

#Kanye did his thing..

As quick as we heard it, It disappeared.

#Drake took everyone off.

At the time...Nobody really knew why..

Drake gave the good speech he respects Hov and etc..


#Kanye explains what it really was at his show last night

Listen Closely..

Did you catch all that? 

Read Below

“And we sent it back to him and he’s like ‘Oh shit The Throne is on this shit,’

Kanye says included above and below.

“Then Jay thought about it and out of respect for Meek Mill he didn’t want to be on the track.

Then I said, ‘Look, I’ll call Drake, I’ll call Meek, I’ll call y’all, we gotta squash this shit, we gotta let people have this song.’

But then it went into some political shit about percentages on songs.

I can’t take this shit, bro.

— Kanye West-SaintPabloTour

You know Yezzy wasn't done..

He went into the bomb dropper....


You move forward to 0:45 to hear it the exact comment.


“Our Kids Haven’t Even Played Together”.

Drop The track...
— KanyeWest-SaintPabloTour Seattle Washington

Somebody is SALTY....

There you have it.

#KanyeWest Rants Tells It ALL!!

You think he is wrong for this?

Why haven't the girls had a play date?


Side note: At least somebody out here showing respect for  #MeekMills...


Until next time....

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Ciara Kicks off Jackie Tour in Chicago..

 Miss CiCi kicked off her tour in Chicago, Ill at the House of Blues.
 She definitely snatched some edges during this intimate concert. I love that the "Jackie" Tour is taking place at very small venues so she can get close and personal with her fans.

Which leads me into-Ciara gave one of her lucky fans a lap dance. I'm sure this young man wet" his pants as she gave him the dance of his life to one of her new songs: "Dance Like We're Making Love".


Ciara performed to various other songs off the Jackie album such as: "I Bet",  "That's How I'm Feelin" and even took it back to "My Goodies".

Welcome Back, Ciara.

We sure have missed you!

Make sure you catch her at one of her tour dates listed below.

May 5th: Best Buy Theater, New York, NY

May 7th: House of Blues, Boston, MA

May 9th: The Filmore, Silver Spring, MD

May 10: Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA

May 12: The Filmore, Charlotte, NC

May13:Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, GA

May 16: The Ritz Ybor, Tampa, FL

May 19: Joy Theater, New Orleans, LA

May 20: House of Blues, Houston, TX

For additional dates check your local Ticketmaster.




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