Listen: Foxy Brown Breaks Over (Preview)

#FoxyBrown just dropped a baby yesterday.

You heard me...March 2, she was pushing out a baby girl..

Congrats to her....#Pisces babies are the best!!

Foxy incision hasn't healed yet and she's in the booth coming for #RemyMa.

FoxyBrown felt #RemyMa came for her in #ShETHER.

Remy dropped a bar saying: 

I kill rappers, and you good as dead, bi**h/ Talking shit about me to a deaf bi**h,”

I can understand why Foxy is a lil upset.

Inga wrong as hell for that line about the miscarriage.

(Inserts, prayer to the lord..Let this stay on audio)

I guess after Foxy drops the full diss track-Lil Kim is up next.

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Here is my two cents

Inga aka Foxy don't have shit to prove.

She's an OG to this.

We know she has bars and we definitely know she's with the shits.

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#NickiMinaj will you please stand up?

Defend your damn name at least.

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You got folks coming out of retirement to help yo ass..

I'm sure I'll see you in a few hours..

Until then...

Leave ya comments below.....