TWEN featuring Avery of PeopleTalkDaily Episode 11

You missed your favorite #podcastqueens, didn't you?

Admit it.

Well,we missed you terribly.

This week episode was a bit different...

We had add a #HustlerinHeels segment featuring @StylesSheena.

You know we bring you the #Entertainment news and tackle different #LadiesRoomTopics.

We also talked about Valentine's Day, BestieBrunch, SidePieceDay, Grammys,TeyonaTaylor

and a tons more.

Come have a good time with your favorite #podcastqueens.

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Rihanna & Taylor Swift $10 Beef

It was all good in the hood until #TaylorSwift didn't have RiRi money.

Take a look below:


Yeah, you thought they were beefin' right?

Nah, the two of them are cool.

See what happen was: #Rihanna spotted #TaylorSwift $10 for Chipotle and Starbucks at the #Grammys.

. RiRi came to collect on the debt.

Taylor wallet was empty lint balls and sh*t.

She used all her money on/for the #BadBlood video.

Cool, right? NOPE

Next thing you know she was in the suitcase.(lol)

Rihanna tortured her a bit and kicked her off a yacht..

B*tch better always have #Rihanna money!!

This cartoon parody is #Rihanna approved.

This is the funniest and most creative thing,I have seen in a awhile.

I love it.

Shout to the makers over at #PoptoonStu and #ChibiToons

Make sure you follow them on Insta and #YouTube...They have a tons of videos online..

Doesn’t matter who you are!! PEOPLE are gonna TALK.