Why Adele and James Corden Carpool is Better than YOURS!!!

Let start by saying, When I sing #Adele-I'm just like #JamesCorden.

In my mind, I sound just as good as her.

I'm not talking the shower voice...I'm singing, honey.

Anywhoo, enough about me.

Adele and her good friend, James Corden  of the #LateLateLate Show rode around London and sung some of classic songs..

They also talked about her inspiration for a such a great album, how she should coordinate her #squad,dropping the A bomb,  James Corden being her hype man, #Beyonce and various topics.

This interview showed how down to earth she is...I love this chick-she's so fun.


I swear, if I was to interview her-It would have went just like this.

I love #JamesCorden. 

Make sure you watch the full video-Adele is a dope rapper-She raps to #NickiMinaj-Monster at the end!!

Will she drop a #rapalbum?

She better NOT!=?


Tell me what you think?

I'm down with #James Corden being the #HypeMan!!