Lies and More Damn Lies About Safaree vs MeekMill

Man, listen.

Ok, Ok, that's a horrible intro for this story.

You have probably heard the news and even seen the video of #Safaree (#NickiMinaj, ExFactor) and #MeekMill (#NickiMinaj, ExFactor as well) Goons chasing him up the block.

As you can see, I'm skipping all the pointless information because I want to jump right into this alleged jumping situation.

Check out the video below

Now as you can see #Safaree was dappin' someone up and having small talk.

#MeekMill hops out the truck like this man owed him some money.

No words exchanged-No fists were thrown.

Safaree just set eyes on #MeekMill


Who immediately put his #TracknField skills to work without hesitation. 

One of Safaree's friends/goons was caught in the dusk and punched in the gut.

I hope is ok.

Here is my whole issue with this "I got jumped situation".

Why did #Safaree run?

I'm sure you are probably saying,

 "Girl, You would run as well".

I know, I know they have been beefing for over a year now.

Both parties have been talking mad sh*t about each other.

I get it.

But this looks bad for both parties.

Here me out...

How are they still beefin' when #NickMinaj dumped both of them?

How did Safaree get jumped and he was all the way up the block?

This man had on all white and was clean as a whistle.

Did you see the video he did afterwards?

“Meek, you are the biggest p***y on this planet. You saw me, you ain’t do s**t, you had your n***as jump me. One-on-one you can’t f**k with me, so that’s why you had to do that. N***as caught me from the back, n***as caught me from the side, all that… The way you move, you move like a b**ch, you act like you the hardest n***a on this planet, you are not hard my n***a.”
— Safaree from the RollsRoyce

Face, clothes, and jewelry were still intact.

Is this the new "jumpin" for 2017?

What are your thoughts?

Will #MeekMill get in trouble with his parole officer for this?

Onika better get her ex-factors together.

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Listen: Foxy Brown Breaks Over (Preview)

#FoxyBrown just dropped a baby yesterday.

You heard me...March 2, she was pushing out a baby girl..

Congrats to her....#Pisces babies are the best!!

Foxy incision hasn't healed yet and she's in the booth coming for #RemyMa.

FoxyBrown felt #RemyMa came for her in #ShETHER.

Remy dropped a bar saying: 

I kill rappers, and you good as dead, bi**h/ Talking shit about me to a deaf bi**h,”

I can understand why Foxy is a lil upset.

Inga wrong as hell for that line about the miscarriage.

(Inserts, prayer to the lord..Let this stay on audio)

I guess after Foxy drops the full diss track-Lil Kim is up next.

giphy (1).gif

Here is my two cents

Inga aka Foxy don't have shit to prove.

She's an OG to this.

We know she has bars and we definitely know she's with the shits.

giphy (4).gif

#NickiMinaj will you please stand up?

Defend your damn name at least.

giphy (3).gif

You got folks coming out of retirement to help yo ass..

I'm sure I'll see you in a few hours..

Until then...

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Listen: Remy Ma Drops Another One....

It's been over a week since #RemyMa dropped #shETHER.

Nobody has truly collected their edges back from the first #disstrack.

Remy Ma drops Another One..

Where in the hell is #NickiMinaj


Take a listen.........

Ayo, #Nicki-You really #Meekin' this shit up!!

Leave ya comments below....

Let's talk about this....

S/o to Remy for changing up the flow.....


Why Adele and James Corden Carpool is Better than YOURS!!!

Let start by saying, When I sing #Adele-I'm just like #JamesCorden.

In my mind, I sound just as good as her.

I'm not talking the shower voice...I'm singing, honey.

Anywhoo, enough about me.

Adele and her good friend, James Corden  of the #LateLateLate Show rode around London and sung some of classic songs..

They also talked about her inspiration for a such a great album, how she should coordinate her #squad,dropping the A bomb,  James Corden being her hype man, #Beyonce and various topics.

This interview showed how down to earth she is...I love this chick-she's so fun.


I swear, if I was to interview her-It would have went just like this.

I love #JamesCorden. 

Make sure you watch the full video-Adele is a dope rapper-She raps to #NickiMinaj-Monster at the end!!

Will she drop a #rapalbum?

She better NOT!=?


Tell me what you think?

I'm down with #James Corden being the #HypeMan!!



I thought Tuesday was my favorite day. I just changed it..

Wednesday is now officially my favorite day(just for this week).. I do apologize for being late with posting our podcast of #Tuesday Topic. 

Today's topic discussed were the #VMAS, stripper culture, black barbies, dating and body images.

Today was kind of liberating for me because I shared some things about myself that only a few people know. 

I hope you enjoy it and make sure you are following us..



Until next week......



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