Want Frank Ocean New Album? Get the Alert APP

It seems everyone has been waiting for Frank Ocean Album, Boys Don't Cry to drop for the last                                                                    8 years.

Ok, I am exaggerating but still-You get my point.

Frankie has made so many promises for the release of his album: "Boys Don't Cry.

Check out the library card-It's even full of dates (lol)

08.6.16 has come and gone.

According to boys don't cry.co the release will be November 13, 2016.

The good news is there is now an app that will alert you when the album drops




As of today, there are over 10, 700 subscribers.

The site is currently free but the creators are asking for $2 donations to keep the site active.

God only knows when Mr. Ocean will release this album.

People are so antsy about this album release that "Channel Orange" is climbing the  #Billboard Charts at No. 146.

Frank better stop playing with his fans.

Will you subscribe to the app?

Do you think this album will be everything people think it will be?