Short Story: Cleveland Police Punch Women While Handcuffed

Last Thursday,  A Cleveland woman, Ciara Perez Rodriguez was punched in the face by police officers.

It all started with an altercation with a police officer during a sweep on Cleveland's West Side. In the police arrest, sweep officers pointed guns  at residents and children according to witnesses.

Officers requested Ms. Rodriguez name and she refused to give her name. She walked away from officers and which they proceeded to arrest her.

Ms. Rodriguez proceeded to spit on officers to avoid being arrested. The officer hit her and put her in a choke hold and threw her to the ground.

Officers said she fought and threw Pepsi cans at them while being handcuffed. She even went so far to kick an officer in the groin and shin. 

Ms. Rodriguez family says she suffers from mental illness, including bipolar and schizophrenia. 

Now here's my take on this situation-You have a female under arrest and she isn't complying. As a man it's not grounds to punch her in the face. Is she right? Nope

They didn't have to use excess force to arrest this woman.

The crazy part is-They won't release that officers name tho-

I wonder why?


What are you thoughts? 



"23 Ways You Could be Killed, If You Are Black in America"

This is the best collaboration, I have seen in a long time.

Shout to #AliciaKeys and all the celebs such as #Beyonce, #Rihanna, #ChrisRock, #ASAPRocky,  #Bono and others trying to keep the name alive of all the brother and sisters who lost their life just by #BeingBlackinAmerica.

Enough is Enough!!!!


We will not remain silent any longer.


I would also like to thank, Mic  and  We Are Here Movement.

Source: Youtube