GIRL POWER Will Get You Killed: RIP Qandeel Baloch

Meet #QandeelBaloch, #Pakistan first social media star. 

A few days ao, she was strangled at the hands of her brother for violating conservative views.

 #HonorKilling is common practice in #Pakistan when you are dishonoring the family.

Three weeks ago, Qandeel had asked the Government for better security.

The request was denied so she fled to Punjab from Karachi.

Her parents are in police custody and her brother is on the run.

It seems that Qandeel just wanted to live her life on her terms.

She wanted women to be able to be free.

Her last post on facebook was this:

Hundreds of women are killed every year in these #honorkillings.


Thank you for having the courage to stand up and fight for your rights.

Source: BBC News