The Perfect Match #MovieReview: Are You Prepared For.........



Today, I made sure to support the movie: #ThePerfectMatch.  

The Perfect Match

Okay, this movie is super cute with a twist.


Charlie believes that he only can have sex with women.

Anything more is IMPOSSIBLE!


They are trying to understand how/why is Charlie such a HOE.

Charlie accepted the PERFECT challenge from his boys.

Charlie has to date one girl exclusively for a MONTH.

Just one girl and it can be one of his choice.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Charlie meets Eva (Cassie).

Charlie promised her nothing but stiff dick and a good time ONLY!.

Eva begins to bring out the best in Charlie.

Charlie falls for Eva...


You will have to go check out the movie to find out the twisted ending.

You will never believe what happens!!!


I promise you-It's a super cute movie.

Let me know what you think after you see it.....


I know, I know..

I'm a jerk right?

Thank you!!


Lifetime New Show: The Rap Game

 Have ya'll watched Jermaine Dupri and QueenLatifah new TV show,

#TheRapGame on Lifetime?

The show follows five upcoming artist from the age of 12-16

who wants to become

the next big RAP STAR!!


Here's a look at the aspiring hip-hop stars set to participate in The Rap Game:

Lil’ Niqo, 15, San Diego, CA
Lil’ Niqo has been making music history since he was 10. He was the youngest rapper signed to Island Def Jams and was a correspondent for BET and MTV’s red carpets. Lil' Nigo also appeared on the drama The Finder, working alongside 50 Cent, Michael Clarke Duncan and Jacob Latimore. With his “momager” Nique by his side, there’s no stopping Lil’ Niqo’s path to success.

Lil’ Poopy, 12, Brockton, MA
The youngest in the group, Lil’ Poopy has made more than 200 videos, writes his own songs and has performed with Puff Daddy, Rick Ross and French Montana. His father and mentor, Luis Rivera Sr. will do anything to see his son rise to the top – including hiring the hottest models and renting out Ferraris for his son’s music videos.

Miss Mulatto, 16, Atlanta, GA
Miss Mulatto began her career performing at birthday parties and has since made a name for herself in the Atlanta music scene. Her mom, Misti, is always by her side at competitions, despite finding it difficult to infiltrate the tight-knit social circle.

Supa Peach, 12, Atlanta, GA
With a unique style highlighted by her signature cape, Supa Peach raps, sings, dances and models. Sure of her daughter’s profound talent, Josetta has moved her family from the Virgin Islands to give her daughter everything she needs to launch her rap career.

Young Lyric, 15, Houston, TX
Young Lyric’s hip-hop career began when a video of her rapping went viral. She recorded her first song at 7 and was named the “Best 14-Year-Old Rapper” by viewers. Her parents, Olivia and Mitchell, will do whatever it takes to get her to the next level and believe she’s on the brink of superstardom.

Jermaine Dupri is known for finding fresh young talent. He was the reason for the success of TLC, DaBrat, Bowwow and KrisKross.

The first show aired on New Years Day.

The numbers were thru the roof!!

You know the saying: People lie-Numbers don't!!

I've included a snipped of the first show below..

Tune in every Friday on Lifetime at 10pm