Well only #California Cheerleaders.

Back in 2014, the Raiderettes filed suit against the Oakland Raiders for wage theft and other unfair practices.

It has been claimed by the current and former cheerleaders that the organization held  pay until the end of the season. In addition, they do not pay for overtime and cheerleaders are required to pay for a lot of the business expenses incurred out of their own pocket.

You think that's something?

Check this out: Raiderettes are only paid $1,250 per season. If you do the math that's not even California minimum wage

On top of that-The organization controls hair and makeup, and the cheerleaders end up paying the bill. In addition, they pay for travel to different events and photo shoots.

Now that you have the back story. 

Let's get into this new law. 

Keep in mind, This new law isn't in full effect until January, 2016.

The new law signed by Governor Jerry Brown yesterday classifies cheerleaders for any California professional (minor and major league level) sports team will be considered an employee eligible for  overtime, sick days and other protections under this bill.

The Oakland Raiders have settled with current and past Raiderettes (about 90) in the amount of $1.2million dollars for lawsuit filed last year.

All I can say is: B*tch Better Have My Money.

I salute the Raiderettes for fighting for themselves.

People come to these games to see them and they should be treated and compensated just like the athletes.

When you think about it they truly still are not getting the money deserved.  I hope they negotiated attorney fees!!

It's a start tho-

East Coast Cheerleaders you better get on you protesting 'ish!