Ruby Rose and SIYA Have ME....

Questioning my sexuality and I'm str8 as HELL! 

If you don't know who these two baddies are-Let  me introduce you up real quick.

Meet my bae, Ruby Rose. 


Yeah, you see her...Real Quick doesn't she remind you of #AngelaJolie? Anyway, back to my baby-Ruby Rose.Who is she you ask? The new character on #OITNB. She plays the role of "Stella". This 28 year-old Australian model  and DJ career started on MTV back in 2008 as a VJ. Ruby Rose is definitely going to be the  new break out star for Season 3 of Orange is the New Black on #Netflix.

Let me show you some more of my bae:


All I  can say is #FREESTELLA or hell lock me up with her. I send my bae canteen money on the regular so please BACK off. I'll give you one more and after that find your own. Unless, you a prison beat down for looking at my beau.


Now let's talk about my other stud lover-SIYA from  #SISTERHOODOFHIPHOP.


Siya is my Brooklyn MC. I'm a huge #HIPHOP fan and #Siya is killing the underground game right now. I fell in love from the first season of SisterHood of Hip Hop on #Oxygen. What's the show about you ask-TI produced this show about five femcees chasing their dreams of becoming a household name in the Rap game. Of course my bae, Siya is determined by any means necessary. If your into REAL HIPHOP you should check out her new mixtape: Better Late Than Never.

I've given you the introduction to my secret lovers that don't give you the right to slide them  your number on the low. (LOL)

Make sure you support my bae(s)!!

Doesn’t matter who you are PEOPLE are gonna TALK!