Bestie Brunch: What A Mistake!

So my best friend, Nicole aka EmpressNic made an impromptu visit to New York.

If you follow her on IG: eventsbyempressnic or talkingwithempressnic you already know she is  #BronxBred so NYC is HOME for her.

So needless to say, I was elated to see her. 

She hoped the late night china bus from Charlotte to NYC.

My wheels were turning because I know our time was semi limited..

I headed out to meet her and guess what the F train was on some BS.


So I hoped a cab to scoop her.

In the cab, I decided we going to a #BestieBrunch.


I know ya'll like that... #BestieBrunch

I had a place in mind but I said let me go to my 'Ole Faithful and flex.

I'm going to try somewhere different.

I came across a fairly decent review of Bubby's Tribeca.

When we arrived on Hudson Street..Nicole immediately looked at me like:

"Heffer, it's too cold out here to be lost"

There was an boarded up building with the same address on it.

Right next door, Bubbly awaited us.

IG: Bubbyspieco   

IG: Bubbyspieco


We walked in and was greeted by a super bubbly Host.

Mind you, I was  bundled up like I was about to rob the joint.

You know, Nic was fashionably cute..

She proceeded to sit us at this small table.

So small she had to pull it all the way out for me to sit down.

I'm not fat-well with all the layers and bags I had.

She may have thought I was a FATTY...

We were so cramped!!

The couple next to us close enough to hear me be me.

We ordered drinks...

Me, #BloodRedOrange #Mimosa

(no unlimited mimosa, either)

Nicole: Coffee

I asked the waiter could we MOVE?

He said let me see if that's ok?

**Blank Stare**

He immediately came back and said: We were APPROVED TO MOVE!

I also asked him "could he charge my phone?"

I know he hated me...

We begin to move our seat....

Across the way, right by a nice piece of art.

We got settled & sat down...

Our waiter flies over and says...Ummm, you can't sit here..

It's a table for 4.

Mind you, two chairs are full of our bags, jackets and such.

He said you have to move over there.....

Table for 2.


We move and I'm annoyed as hell..

Now it's time to order..

Of course, Nicole keeps it cute and healthy.

She orders an OMELET.

#Greedyboots gets the ABE LINCOLN SPECIAL..

IG: Bubbyspieco

IG: Bubbyspieco

I dug Abraham Lincoln and felt it was only right.

Our food came in a timely fashion...

My food covered the whole table.

Nicole laughed cause I was like what's all this sh*t.

It came with Pancakes, grits, eggs and sausage.

Pancakes: Nasty

Eggs: Funny tasting

Sausage: didn't touch cause I don't eat PORK


Oh yeah I had caramelized bananas. YUMMY!

All of this came to about $82.

I told Nicole, "I could take you around the way to Papi and 'em.

They wouldn't of did us like this. 

Needless to say, Bestie Brunch was a MISTAKE!

Sorry for the lack of pictures-Bubby's Tribeca didn't win me ova..

We were actually rushed out after eating...SMH

Podcast: TWEN DC Takeover.......

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DC Takeova

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Drake, HotlineBling: My Favorite Covers

When #Drake dropped this single back in July. I was instantly in love...

Crazy enough, it quickly climbed to number three on the #Billboard Charts Top 100.

Most people don't be realize this is a sample from Timmy Thomas- Why Can't We Live Together.

Listen closely..........You hear those drums.....

I've heard so many renditions of this cover but I swear these two are my favorite. 

Let's start with my overall favorite woman...Erykah Badu killed this cover.

What's crazy about it-I would have never thought she would do a cover for this.  She truly kept it,Badu. She brought that dope feel to it-keyboards, seventies feel and a "On and On" vibe to it. She even had a clip of her ex factor, #Andree3000 #fovereva eva.

The Funniest part is #Erykah breaking down how to leave a her a message.

You've reached the Erykah Badu hotline...."If you are calling to beg for some shit, Press 4. If this is the pre-call to beg for some shit, Press 5."

You know #Badu is going to always keep it funky....

Mila J has a pretty good cover. I really like this one for the sexiness.

Her voice just makes it seductive.

The Hotline Bling sexy cover...


What you think? 

You have some favorites? Do share.


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