"23 Ways You Could be Killed, If You Are Black in America"

This is the best collaboration, I have seen in a long time.

Shout to #AliciaKeys and all the celebs such as #Beyonce, #Rihanna, #ChrisRock, #ASAPRocky,  #Bono and others trying to keep the name alive of all the brother and sisters who lost their life just by #BeingBlackinAmerica.

Enough is Enough!!!!


We will not remain silent any longer.


I would also like to thank, Mic  and  We Are Here Movement.

Source: Youtube

New Podcast Episode 10 : TalkingwithEmpressnic Featuring Avery of PeopleTalkDaily

We're Back!!!

Last night your favorite #podcastqueens recorded Episode 10.

Join us as we talk about the #Powerball, Maria Holmes, NY Taxes, Uncle Sam, Golden Globes, State of Union, New Weaves, Fashion and the most interesting: 

Ladies Topic: Men with children not wanting to date women that have children!!

Yes, you have read that correctly...

You know how we do, it was all they way lit!! 

Let's Talk about it.....

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