Music Review: Bryson Tiller True to Self


I've been waiting since 2015 for this #BrysonTiller album, True-to-Self.

I promised myself that I wouldn't compare this album to #TrapSoul.

Guess what I did ?

You know it, I was comparing everything.

I'm not even going to wrap you up with a bunch of lies.

First, listen I was like I waited for this  uptempo bullshit.

Second, listen I was like ok this is chapter two of #TrapSoul.

You know how that goes breakup and makeup and BREAKUP AGAIN-FOREVA..

The telling sign of the same heartbreak was the voice recordings of the same girl on "Rain(Interlude)" and #Trapsoul's "Overtime.

(see how comparing helped me out)

By the third listen, I was sold.

Teach Me A Lesson had me rocking in the office.

#Tiller used samples from# SWV, #Brandy, Faith Evans, Ice Cube, Mary J Blige and even #Tweet.

Come on now the credits on this album was lit.

So with all that being said, it's worth the purchase.

Support the brother!

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