Teen,Snapchat and Lawsuit

Everyone knows that #Snapchat has a filter that allows users to record their speed of travel.

Well, this one genius teen was on her way home from work in September, 2015. The teen was driving her father's white Mercedes and decided to capture her speed with #snapchat.

The teen wanted to see how fast she could go. 

I always thought the speedometer tells you how fast a car could go.



Well this genius accelerated up to 113 miles per hour.

While trying to capture the speed on #snapchat-she hit a #Uber driver, Maynard Wentworth in his Mitsubishi.

Her speed at impact was 107 miles per hour.

Marynard Wentwork suffered brain damage and was in the hospital for months.

Marynard and his wife are suing the teen and #snapchat for negligence. 

Marynard feels #snapchat should have removed the filter from the app.

Listen, I don't want my opinion to be taken out of context...

I hope the judge allows this couple to sue the shit out of this teen and her family.

Where I draw the line with this lawsuit is #snapchat being included.

Everyone knows #snapchat is worth a smooth 16 billion....

You are suing them cause this idot decided to #speed and post?

#Snapchat gives a disclaimer "Don't Drive and Snap".

Nah, I don't agree not one damn bit.

This lil girl need her ass beat...

She had other passengers in the car with her.

One was even pregnant at the time.

Who told her NOT to try this.

This lil girl so obessed with #snapchat she posted a picture after the accident.

What are your thoughts?

Should #snapchat be included in the lawsuit?

What should her punishment included?