Will Young Thug Outshine His Bride? Two Gowns - One Union

What are we going to do with, Jeffrey aka Young Thug?

Clearly, he doesn't givea F*ck about what anyone thinks.

     Young Thug told BillBoard: "There will be two brides at his upcoming wedding ceremony to #JerrikaKarlae

Source: Internet

Source: Internet

#Jeffrey went into further detail explaining that "when it comes to swag, no gender specification is involved."  "When I was 12, my feet were so small I wore my sisters' glitter shoes, he continued, revealing that his gender-defying choice of dress is anything but a new fashion statement. " My dad would whoop me: 'You're not going to school now, you'll embarass us'! But I never gave a F-what people think."

Check out the  rest of the interview on Billboard.

My question is Will #YoungThug outshine his bride in 2017?

Ladies, how do we feel about this?

Fellas, Is this a new trend?

People are Talking, Let's Discuss

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