Will Young Thug Outshine His Bride? Two Gowns - One Union

What are we going to do with, Jeffrey aka Young Thug?

Clearly, he doesn't givea F*ck about what anyone thinks.

     Young Thug told BillBoard: "There will be two brides at his upcoming wedding ceremony to #JerrikaKarlae

Source: Internet

Source: Internet

#Jeffrey went into further detail explaining that "when it comes to swag, no gender specification is involved."  "When I was 12, my feet were so small I wore my sisters' glitter shoes, he continued, revealing that his gender-defying choice of dress is anything but a new fashion statement. " My dad would whoop me: 'You're not going to school now, you'll embarass us'! But I never gave a F-what people think."

Check out the  rest of the interview on Billboard.

My question is Will #YoungThug outshine his bride in 2017?

Ladies, how do we feel about this?

Fellas, Is this a new trend?

People are Talking, Let's Discuss

Drake Copycat: Tyga Tried It..

I'm convinced once you reach a certain celeb status or date a certain celeb-


Friendship ova

Tyga dropped his single, 1of1 and this reggae themed song sounds just like Drake, Controlla.

Now my issue is what real friends would allow you to play yourself?

What real friend would let you be a copycat?

Take a listen below:

The title of the song is 1of1 but he says 1on1 all through the whole song.

What's that about?

Then he had the nerve to try and hit a reggae accent.

To add more insult to injury he used a Mr. Vegas sample...

If I was Drake, I would hit his #Hotline and let him know he's not flattered at all.

Am I trippin'?

Y'all know I tend to go off on the deep end.

Maybe that trip to Jamaica with Kylie was his inspiration...