Chris Bridges acting "Ludacris" Towards Tamika Fuller..

As we all know by now, Tamika Fuller has not only lost FULL CUSTODY of her daughter, Cai Bridges. Now, it seems Chris aka Luda is not allowing her to speak with Cai on a regular basis.

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Now-here's my issue with this situation. Two wrongs never make anything right.

This woman has had to start a #GOFUND me account to help get her daughter back.

She has raised $1,645.00 as of today. She needs $7,000.

She has raised $1,645.00 as of today. She needs $7,000.

Chris has added insult to injury by not allowing her to speak with her via phone. Per MTO, the email conversation has somehow surfaced from back in Feb, 2015.

Photo cred: MediaTakeout

Photo cred: MediaTakeout

I think this is "Ludacris"-what human being would not allow a child at such a young age to stay in contact with the other parent(I'm saying that about both parties).  I'm hoping since this email was dated from Feb, 2015 they come to some type of agreement.

For the record, I understand Tamika tried to take Mr. Bridges to the cleaners when filing for child support. At the end of the day, it's all about the baby. Cai is at such a young age, she could truly forget who her mom is in the process of him(Luda) trying to be petty.

Tamika, you are in my prayers and I hope this all works out for you and your child.

You can donate to her account at:

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