Safety Alert: iPhone Users Beware

This is a #safetyalert for all my #iPhone users especially women.

Ok, men as well cause y'all always doing the most and getting caught.

I was scrolling on twitter and came across this very informative tweet from @afronomics_.


After reading this, I was scared.

We walking around here thinkin' our phone is safe because we have a lock and even the thumbprint, right?



You're welcome in advance...

Stop by and Thank @afronomics_ as well. 

Source:  afronomics_ Twitter

Source: afronomics_Twitter

This is where you need to pay ATTENTION...

We went from a lost phone to Siri giving up all type of information.


Are you scared, yet?

Fellas, don't think you're exempt from this.

Shorty can find out who you are calling the most, where you been and etc.

I know that got your attention.

Let's continue..

Source:  @afronomics_  Twitter

Source: @afronomics_ Twitter

Change your settings immediately.

Go to settings

Select: Touch ID & Passcode

Enter your passcode, if you have one

Scroll down to Allow access when locked and turn Siri big mouth off.

So the next time someone tries it...

Siri will keep it real....

Until next time,


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Tuesday Topic: Misogyny in HipHop

Don't Fret....

Tuesday Topic is here...

Today's topic is "Misogyny in HipHop".

As women & lovers of Hip Hop we are conflicted.

Myself and #EmpressNic curse like some West Coast Rappers.

I'm liking and feeling everything..LOL

We are definitely working on that...

But #practice makes perfect right...

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