Warning: Maria Holmes is the new STUPID!!

I'm sitting here thinking how the #Powerball is at $400 MILLION

How  I need to purchase a ticket...

I'm  sitting here daydreaming about what- I'm going to do with the money.

(Speaking it into existence)

Searching the internet on trips-I would take.

I come across an article on #Maria Holmes.

You know who Maria Holmes is-

The NC woman that won $188 million last February, 2015.

Let me give you a bit more...

She's a single mother of 4 children.

Her children are between one and seven years old.

One of her children suffer from cerebral palsy.

When she won she planned to donate millions of her winnings to her church and set up college funds for her children.

(I'm sure neither has been done)

So check this sh*t out-

Maria is the new stupid....She has bailled her boyfriend out three times last year.

Now we are not a week into the NEW YEAR!!!

Nah, I don't think you understand me..

Maria has spent $1,470,000  in bail bondsman fees.

To date- she has spent $21 million on bailing this fool, Lamar out of jail.

You know what the charge is?

Arranging a street race....

NC State is getting paid off this fool!!!


Maria, will be broke by mid 2016!!!

Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Emily Flax said McDow was released from jail just before 12:45 a.m. Friday after he was bailed out by Loftin Bail Bonding.
McDow was arrested Tuesday for violating a pre-trial release agreement for prior heroin-related charges.
McDow was arrested twice in 2014 after authorities confiscated nearly 2,500 bags of heroin during two separate incidents.
He was also arrested last weekend for allegedly helping to set up an illegal street race in Brunswick County.